Vision & Strategy

To be leaders in the manufacturing and marketing of consumer products has always been the vision of SARANTIS GROUP. To realize this, we respond to the needs of consumers with high quality at competitive prices. Today, our products have become a part in the daily lives of millions of people. This special relationship we enjoy with consumers also represents the Group's main competitive advantage.


The managing of our product portfolio is of paramount importance. With quality and innovation as our guiding principles, we are investing in new products, entering more product categories, acquiring companies or brands and establishing new exclusive distribution agreements.


Focusing on our people is a fundamental priority for the Group. By creating the right conditions for the improvement and development of our employees, in a contemporary and safe workplace, we manage to successfully reach our goals and move to new ones.


At SARANTIS GROUP, we continuously strive for excellence.  We believe that when guided by integrity and respect for the community and the environment, our company will keep producing added value for our consumers, suppliers, shareholders and employees alike. In this way, we can enjoy organic growth and improved financial performance in a highly competitive and dynamic international business environment. 

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